Yoni massage - Optional

Yoni massage is a powerful, healing tantric practice involving whole body massage, breast massage and yoni (vaginal) massage. It is a beautiful, healing and pleasurable way of sensually exploring and connecting with your body as well as receiving touch and connection from another person, without needing to give anything back in return.

Research shows that sexual organs play a major role in our physical, emotional and spiritual health. The vagina is called yoni in tantric sanskrit and loosely translates to "a sacred space."

Tantra is a spiritual Hindu practice that has been going for over 5,000 years, and means 'the weaving and expansion of energy'. It is a whole of body approach, a holistic practice and is about the journey. Its taking time, mindful, being connected, intimate, full of pleasure on a emotional level. It covers understanding and connecting with ourselves and our bodies.

Tantra uses the body and senses as a means to have a deeper connection with yourself, partners and with life. Tantra philosophy approaches the vagina from a place of the utmost love and respect. In this tantric massage the whole body is massaged with a focus on consciously connecting your body, mind and spirit.

Yoni massage is a practice intended to truly honour a woman, to give selfless pleasure, to explore the sacred side of her sexuality.

Tantra is a path to enlightenment, it reveres the intimate area of a woman as her sacred place. A must have encounter to relax, soak up the pleasure and enjoy the euphoria.

The Benefits - A yoni massage can be a truly unique experience for any woman. It awakens her feelings, makes her aware of all the subtle never-acknowledged before sensations, and opens the door into the world of powerful female sensuality:-
    *   Pleasure
    *   Release of potent sexual energy
    *   Great therapeutic effects
    *   More intense and frequent feelings
    *   Complete sexual transformation
    *   Better relationships and more satisfying love life
    *   Release of built up life experiences and trauma
    *   Full connection with one’s inner and outer self, conscious and unconscious.

In other words, it is like seeing the world in full bright colour with millions of shades for the very first time in one’s life instead of being limited to black-and-white vision.

Performed to your requirements and within your boundaries. Experience a Yoni massage today.

- Optional if desired.

Discretion and privacy assured.

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