Some of our happy customers

I booked in and had a massage before attending the Fringe in the Adelaide City.

It was just fantastic, I was on such a high all night, LOL.

My friends wanted to know why I was so energiesed and ecstatic.
Recommended for every lady.


Mawson Lakes

I was apprehensive in making a booking , but am I so glad I did.

It was easy to book and attend.

One of the best experiences of my life, just so enjoyable.

So thankful.



Very very enjoyable. I own a business and the massage is a great way to switch off from work.

I visit every 2-3 weeks,

It is that relaxing and I become more focused.

Even my work colleagues noticed the difference in my manner. Thank you



I have had a massage several times now.

While I am only 26, I walk a lot and get tired and worn out.

The massage is so rejuvenating and I come away feeling so good.


North Adelaide

This is the first time in a long time that I did something like this, asking for the energy and comittment that my heart and body needed.

Mark looked after me in many ways. I felt safe, and safe is tricky for me.

I got to set limits and when I did he respected them and continued to safely spoil me. I'm very grateful



I do physical work and am on my feet all day.

Even though I am younger, I found the massage such a stress reliever and very satifying.

I work in the city, so it is very convenient for me to book in regulary. Love it.



I was in Adelaide for 4 days for my work and was feeling stressed and tired.

I was a little anxious booking the massage but Mark made the process very easy.

It is was just a wonderful experience with several highlights. Every lady needs to try this, cant praise it highly enough.


Brisbane, Qld

"I was a little nervous about this, but it was an unbelievable experience.

So glad I booked and had the massage, just so voluptuous and indulging.
Well worth the investment, time and effort." 


Adelaide Hills

What an experience! I loved that it was so slow and sensual, not rushed.

Just the ultimate setting and experience.

Loved the atmosphere, music and the perfume of the diffuser and essential oils.



Just a quick message to say thank you for the relaxing and soothing massage today. I felt very relaxed after my session, almost floating away as I left.

Thank you for your patience in assisting me to achieve a wonderful state.



"Just so pleasurable and soothing.

I was in a state of bliss and harmony.

Recommended for every woman, thanks Mark"


West Lakes

“I loved my massage. It was so relaxing and indulging, expertly accomplished by Mark .

Could do with this every week“



“What a fantastic tranquil erogenous massage.

I just feel so much better about my body & life, ladies should do this at least once“


Adelaide City

“The massage was a very special experience for me, delightful and immensely satisfying.

I was in a state of ecstatic pleasure”



"Hi, Thank you for looking after my wife with her massage. She really enjoyed it and came home relaxed and invigorated!

She will be back for more!  The gift voucher for her birthday was very effective"


McLaren Vale

“Such an exquisite experience.

High quality, slow, sensory and soothing, which was skillfully performed by Mark.

Love one every month”

谢谢 xièxie – Liu

Visiting from China

“Gorgeous happening, made me feel more comfortable in my own body.
Plus more in tune with myself and future opportunities.

So erotic”



I am an older lady and the massage was the best experience of my life. Lovely setting, music and essential oils.

Very soothing and beautiful. Cannot wait to do it again. Thank you.


Barossa Valley

"Loved it, I felt like I was in another world and was so relaxed and at ease.

As good as yoga and meditation.

I am an advocate, well done Mark."


Traveling from Europe

"I decided to give myself a birthday gift, the best thing I have ever done.

What a great awakening tantra massage.

Received sensations and feelings I never knew existed. Stimulating and refreshing"


Henley Beach

"Thanks to my husband for a gift certificate massage. It was really enjoyable, relaxing and soothing.

Would recommend to any lady wishing to pamper herself"



I booked my wife in for a special treat following a hard year at work.

She thoroughly enjoyed it and felt some much better following this.

This has also helped our relationship, so its a win win.


Hyde Park

"Beautiful heavenly encounter. High quality, professional and sensual.

I was on such a high, I will be back soon. Such good value, loved it, thank you Mark"


Visitor from Melbourne

One of the best 2 hours I have spent on myself ever.

Relaxing, calming and soothing, so enjoyable.
Highly recommended, great investment. Thanks


South East of SA

I purchased a gift Voucher for $160 for my wife to have a massage as she was feeling tired.

She really enjoyed it and has helped our relationship.

Very good investment and worthwhile.



I am a younger person and have had several of these types of massages but this was the best by far.

Absolute fantastic heaven. My 90 minutes just passed so quickly. Good value, everyone should try it.



Thanks for the massage. It has awakened some memories.

It was most pleasurable and enjoyable.

Will definitely be back again and refer some friends.



I was visting South Australia from Singapore. I booked my massage session online before I left.

I was a little apprehensive, however, it was devine.

My two hour session was just so satisfying and pleasing. Every lady should try it.



Thanks again for a wonderful massage.

A truly living in the moment, moment.

So relaxing, loved it.



This massage was one of the best experiences of my life.   

The process was slow, thoughtful and built up as time went on to a wonderful conclusion.

The room and the atmosphere was set up beautifully.
Cant wait to visit again.


River Murray

Due to business, I visit Adelaide from intersate each month for work for 3-4 days.

I have had several massages with Mark and it is just so good.

I find it peaceful and destressing, and assists me be in a better frame of mind for work.