The desire to receive intimate touch is common to us all. Touch is a remarkably beneficial health treatment.

Receiving a sensual massage is a wonderful way to relax and restore our self-confidence, intimacy and pleasure.

Sensual massage enables us to connect to our true deep needs and to ignite our joys and desires.

Professional, qualifed, relaxed and responsive

Performed to your requirements and within your desired boundaries.

Your masseur is Mark, a mature, experienced, friendly, sincere, intellectual, easy-going and respectful Caucasian male.


* Certificate in Massage Therapy;
* Tantra Mastery with Helena Nista;
* Massage Mastery with Kim Anami;
* 20 years of practical knowledge/life experiences.

Quality, erotic, pleasurable and relaxing.

Sensuality is about provoking, stimulating, and teasing the senses.

A tantra massage is a combined emotional and physical experience.

It is intuitive, rejuvenating, invigorating, stimulating and refreshing.

Indulge yourself and enjoy the sensation of being pampered.

Female only.

Based at a home studio near Mile End, two (2) kilometers from the City of Adelaide.

Discretion and privacy assured.