Benefits of massage:-

1. Release higher energy - Can help to achieve a greater connection with the mind, body and soul;

2. More intense feelings - Surveys have revealed an increase in the intensity of pleasure;

3. Well-being – more bliss and feeling of fulfilment and well-being;

4. Healing - Many women have reported massage supporting the healing process;

5. Relaxation
- helps to encourage relaxation and aid restful sleep;

6. Fatigue
- excellent for headaches, soothing tired aching muscles which require stimulation;

7. Improve relationships
- Can help unlock fear of intimacy and touch and improve trust;

8. Positivity
– higher degree of motivation and positive emotions.

It is a truly amazing, highly pleasurable, liberating, stimulating and healing experience.

Enjoy the heavenly benefits of massage.

Female only.

Discretion and privacy assured.